Various Services and Business We Can Provide

  1. Air import
  2. Air export
  3. Air import and export customs declaration, including bonded cargo
  4. Sea import
  5. Sea export, including full container, LCL consolidation traffic and special container including refer, flat rack, open top… ETC, we are handling regularly.
  6. Sea import and export customs declaration, including bonded cargo
  7. Triangular trade (cross trade business)
  1. Storage and delivery business
  2. Trailers and Cartages in Taiwan and overseas
  3. Door-to-Door service, including all sea and air transportations, is exercised according to the customer’s trade terms DDU, DDP… or any special requirement.
  4. More than 500 cities in the overseas partners global network can provide sea and air transportation, import and export declaration, DDU, DDP, EX-WORKS…etc. and other services
  1. The above related professional consulting services
  2. Tracking Cargo Status
  3. Cargo Transportation Insurance
  4. Sea and air combination service
  5. Personal effects – import and export service
  6. Special project
  7. Various exhibit services




Legal Licenses

We have all legal licenses for freight forwarding and customs declaration:
  1. Air Freight Forwarder Transport License (No. 1353)
  2. Ocean Freight Forwarder Transport License (No. 1224)
  3. Customs import and export license (No. 286)
  4. IATA (No. 34-3 0875 0000)
  5. FIATA
  6. Insurance Certificate (No. 2521DFL0000027)


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